Loose cigarettes may have sparked brutal Newark beating

  • The attack began when the victim did not oblige them, the reports state Cigarettes Online. The victim said he was hit by an umbrella, after which several men began punching and kicking him, the reports said. Footage of the beating surfaced last Sunday, showing the victim grow increasingly bloody and unsteady as the attack moved from the sidewalk to the street and back again. The attack carried on for several minutes, despite the presence of a mini-precinct less than a full block away, the footage shows. After the initial blows, the bloodied victim gets back on his feet and begins to berate the group. Later, a man approaches from behind to punch the victim in his head Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and the victim falls backward into a pile of garbage bags and covers himself as the beating continues. The victim later told police that his headphones and briefcase were stolen during the beating Order Cigarettes Online, the reports said Cheap Cigarettes Online. Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose called the incident "unacceptable," telling NJ Advance Media that he and police officials intend on implementing a comprehensive plan to "step up" presence of the city's metro police division Best Cigarettes, which patrols the areas in and around downtown. "All wards of the city are important to us, but this is where many of our residents work and shop," he said. "So we need to make the necessary changes."
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