• A News reader believes that a recent article about the debate over whether the state should pass smoke-free restaurant regulations was a "blatant liberal attack upon smokers and capitalism" and recommends that people who don't want to be exposed to secondhand smoke simply "walk away Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online." Unfortunately for the 125 Discount Cigarettes Online,000 New Yorkers who work in restaurants where smoking is allowed, it's not so easy for them to walk away from their jobs, despite the fact they are forced to breathe in poison from other people's cigarettes. Smoke-free regulations are not about business or personal interests - they are about removing a cancer-causing agent from the air we all breathe Menthol Cigarettes Brands. The government regulates air emissions from chemical factories and automobiles and mandates that workers have a safe working environment, so this is not a new idea. When it comes to public support for smoke-free restaurants, research shows that more smokers support such regulations than oppose them. Shouldn't public policy to protect workers from a known carcinogen be based on sound evidence? Restaurateurs Best Menthol Cigarettes, policymakers and public health advocates have asked for the data, and the evidence is clear: Smoke-free regulations clean up the air and are good for public health Cheap Cigarettes Online, but they aren't bad for business.
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